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~ Tuesday, May 24 ~

Time to Fight

The people supporting this law, HB 600, in Tennessee even included in the law that they thought that transgender people were insignificant. They didn’t think there would be enough complaints about it to care. They also didn’t think it would have a significant monetary impact.

So let’s show them exactly how much of an impact it will have.

Go to the Tennessee Human Rights Committee site here. Send them either an email complaint (be polite but firm) or fill out a form, or both. You can download the complaint form here. If you’re wondering what discriminatory act took place…the signing of HB 600 into law is a pretty discriminatory act, and one well worth complaining about. Let’s show them that they were wrong in imagining no-one would complain.

Also, boycott Pilot/Flying J. The governor who signed it into law, Bill Haslam, has a controlling interest in the company from what I understand, so it certainly deserves our contempt. Take a look at the following companies as well, and their statements, here. These companies were part of the chamber of commerce who pushed the bill through. Some retracted under pressure, some even helped to oppose the bill, and others were typically useless. Speak with your money. Send a clear message that you will not support companies that do not support you.

Don’t come to Tennessee for leisure. Don’t contribute money to Tennessee. There are plenty of places in the state that are holiday destinations and resorts, tourist traps, and the like. Send a clear message that this has impacted Tennessee’s tourist trade negatively.

Write celebrities who have shown themselves to be sympathetic to our cause, like Dolly Parton. You can write her here:

Dolly Parton
P.O. Box 150307 
Nashville, TN 37215

If more celebrities come forward and let people know that they support us and our plight, we will be able to reach more people than ever.

Support groups that are already planning to challenge this law. It can be overturned. It really should never have been passed in the first place, and it is not only about GLBT rights, but also about city rights and county rights as opposed to state rights. This is going to be a fierce battle, especially given the corruption in Tennessee government that has already made national headlines.

We can make a difference. And we will make the bigots wish that they had never passed this law. It’s getting national attention, which they may think is what they want…it’s not. It’s just making them look very, very bad, which is a good thing. They are scum. And they will not win.

Let’s do everything in our power to focus ourselves and let them know that this will not be tolerated. Not at all.

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