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~ Friday, October 7 ~

In celebration of Incutales Special starting this Sunday, 9 October, I made Dhiarcakes and Uhrcakes, cupcakes made on a motif of Dhiar and Uhr from Incubus Tales. If you want to find out the recipe I used and see more pictures, just go to Dhiar’s food blog here!

Anyone who does anything special to commemorate the start of Incutales Special, just send a picture to me…of your party, baked goods, craft projects, art, or whatever you do, and I will post it on my tumblr and give your site links! It’s free advertising for you, and it warms my heart. Please reblog so that others can get the opportunity. I’d love to see a big and fond reception for the launch!

Incutales Special starts this Sunday, 9 October! And all you’ll need to do is just check the regular Incubus Tales site and click on the ‘Special’ link right at the top. Incutales Special will update every Sunday and give short stories and stand-alone comic pages that may be part of a larger story but will be self-contained from week to week.

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