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~ Sunday, August 7 ~

30 July Show Pics!

I did another show on 30 July (I know, I still haven’t posted pictures from the June show because there are so many and I haven’t been able to get through them!) and I thought I would share the pictures with you.

First of all, behold the new table layout! I went to a craft shop and went a bit nuts with the clearance items. A cloth rose with a red feather boa? Yes please!

Gold glitter wrapping paper? You bet! Naturally what I went in to buy was that tri-fold board, and I came out of the shop with everything else too, including a very pretty charm which I still need to find a chain to wear on…

My fabulous comics! I’ve got them all laid out, and you can see the pretty rose there at the bottom too.

And of course, my little corner of the table, with my lap desk, price list, sampler, cards, and naturally a candy dish full of delicious traditional-style Japanese plum sweets!

The wonderful authors of Andellon stopped by to say hello, and I’m so glad they did! It was a delight to see them. If you remember from my sketch blog, I did some work for their comic several months ago. It was marvellous to have them stop by!

Sonnie took this picture, and she’s amazing doing that. It looks so good! Except I’d rather I not be so central in it! But she looks fabulous as always, and she was pleased that it was a cleavage shot.

The show on 30 July was a wonderful time. Last but not least, here is a sketch that I did for a guest who wanted to get something for his wife, who is a fan of Lamia. I was pleasantly surprised to hear someone specifically ask for Lamia, so I did something extra special!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my pictures! I hope you’ll stop by to see me at the next show too!

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