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~ Tuesday, July 26 ~

So, wait a second.



DC said they have fewer female creators now because they’re hiring based on quality, not gender.

DC made sure to put Rob Liefeld on a book.

Man.  That’s like a kick in the nuts.  …er, you know what I mean.

Rob Liefeld? Really? Really? That’s the worst thing I’ve heard all day.

I agree with hiring for quality, rather than any other factor. However, that’s far from what DC’s policy has been for over 10 years now; they hire names, not quality creators.

If they hired quality, we wouldn’t see Judd Winick, Geoff Johns, Rob Liefeld, and countless others saddled with every book they can possibly give them, despite their work not being very good.

And guys, don’t feel you have to support someone who shares a social label with you just because they share a social label with you. Amanda Conner, great artist! Well worth supporting! Gail Simone, not all that. Just because someone is your same gender or same sexual orientation doesn’t make them better, or even good. I see a lot of this, especially online. Everyone doesn’t do it, of course. But a lot of people see someone with something in common and latch onto them for that, or think that supporting these people will help themselves, down the line.

I don’t automatically support other gay creators because guess what? A lot of them are assholes whose careers I don’t really want to bolster, and supporting them isn’t going to make my career flourish (or anyone else’s who shares our label) just because we share a label between us. The bigger companies tend not to care anyway, as you’ve just seen with DC paring down their female creators to 1%. Support people for who they are, not what labels they carry. Treat companies the same. You might be overlooking someone great in favour of someone else, and for a silly reason as gender, sexuality, nationality, race, or something like that.

Ask yourself this question: if you were a creator in their field, would they support you with such dedication?

The answer is: probably not.

These people make money regardless of whether or not you light the candles at their worshipful altar.

Marvel is a litigious company that has proven its hostility to fans multiple times through the years. DC is a relic with delirium, hopelessly out-of-touch with its readers and utterly disregarding of their tastes, trapped in a past that never was with people who never experienced it in the first place.

I think it’s generally a lot better to look towards webcomics and independent creators. They are the future. With wider diversity, even if you did want to stick with people similar to you, you would have the selection before you to do that. Marvel and DC have just proven that, more than anything else, they are aimless, have no concept of how to go forward in the modern world, and are never going to give you what you really want.

Instead of hanging on with them, waiting to get thrown the occasional bone (that will nonetheless never show you what you wanted), why not stick with some of us who work our tails off and need the support?

We listen! It’s true. You might be glad you did!

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